A Peek Into prAna

prAna’s vision is to inspire healthy, mindful and free-spiriting living. Attracting and hiring talented, like-minded people, and keeping them, are essential to delivering on our vision. Our success depends on the quality of our employees and fostering the unique and special culture we have here at prAna.

Check out a sample of testimonials employees shared in our 2013 confidential employee opinion survey:

  • prAna does a fantastic job of hiring like-minded individuals that fit in with the company culture. There are no weak links in our company's talent pool and we all get along very well. It truly is a fun place to work and I look forward to each and every day here.
  • They not only care for their employees, but for the environment and they educate all employees on sustainability, eco-friendly products and living and a greener way to live all together. Its not just a place to work, but a place to learn how to live better.
  • Fun, casual work place with strong employee autonomy. Built of like-minded people who want to get the job done. Each person is hand selected based on their previous experience, what they can add to the team already in place, and their overall compatibility with the other team members, which makes every team stronger and more capable. Lots of peer to peer development.
  • prAna practices what it preaches and is a company that I am proud to work for. Sustainability is a big part of the company's values and I admire that. I love the physical work environment; it is open, clean and natural.
  • prAa shares the major strategic goals with all employees and reports on them quarterly so everyone knows where we are trying to go. It has a process for tying those goals to each individual's goals for the year, and it has a performance evaluation system that connects to those goals and connects pay and bonuses with company and individual performance. It also takes steps to help employees live the company values and contribute to the community.
  • prAna is an amazing place to work. The passion and enthusiam of all that work for this company in inspiring. Great benefits, awesome work space, promotes creativity and we make an amazing product!
  • The leaders of prAna have made it a goal to help build great people, not just great employees. We have incorporated many benefits to give us a life/work balance. A beautiful garden outside to eat lunch, a gym to work out in, we are take 2 days a year for community service, we have a committee dedicated to improving the company perks, we have a leadership committee dedicated to improving all levels of managers. Great place to work!
  • We have a great work environment. There is a lot of flexibility and freedom. The general vibe is that the company is supportive of the individual to do great work, stay happy and have a long-term career within the organization. They are very transparent, which enables everyone to feel engaged and on a clear path.

Wanderlust Speakeasy with prAna's Beaver Theodosakis from Prana Living on Vimeo.

    prAna - “Breath, life, vitality of the spirit.” These qualities infuse not only our name, but also our aspirations, the things we make and how we make them. Welcome to mindfully designed, built to last products – born from the experience.